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Embark on a Musical Journey

Musical experiences for folks in and around the communities of East Boulder County, Colorado

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From Our Singers

"The choir is incredibly welcoming and inclusive while also being challenging enough to be fun for those with a music background. It’s one of the highlights of my week every week." - Lacy B


"Coal Creek Community Chorus is like walking into a room and getting a great big old hug! Everyone is friendly and happy and Stephen is marvelous! The rehearsals are fun, helpful, and interesting!" - Tina H

"I have had many great experiences with many great directors, but none of them can touch the exceptional experience I have enjoyed with Coal Creek Community Chorus. It is a place of community and musicianship for all levels of experience under the best director I have ever had the joy and privilege of singing with." - Lori C

"Stephen has created a welcoming, fun environment for people of all levels of musical experience. Through the CCCC, I’ve overcome my singing fears, had amazing performance opportunities, and found a wonderful community of friends!" - Nicki L

"With the trauma of a firestorm so close to home, a pandemic that stunted our lives for two years, and the daily challenges and struggles we all face every day, CCCC is a place we can all go to get away from it all, forget it all, and fill our hearts with the joy of music. From the seasoned veteran choir singer to the fresh face beginner, music and this choir have made us all stronger and healthier." - Kevin C

"The music is accessible for all levels of experience. The environment Stephen creates is a community. Monday night choir is my favorite day of the week." - Kurt F

"After losing my singing partner a few years ago. CCCC has been a warm and welcoming place to find my voice and the joy that music brings to my life. The music is healing my soul." - Linda L

"Picture a choir with a music director who makes you laugh out loud, welcomes you no matter what your skill level, and works tirelessly to provide a joyful experience. That’s the Coal Creek Community Chorus." - Ellen H


"I have sung in multiple community choirs, over the years. CCCC has by far been the most positive and enjoyable experience of all. I leave every rehearsal filled with confidence and joy. The sense of community is an added bonus." - Kelly F

Stephen Ross,

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Stephen Ross is a choral educator and performer with over 20 years of experience teaching and directing vocal ensembles from all ages, with a passion for utilizing music as a means to learn, grow, and connect as a community and as human beings.

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