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CCCC & Face A Cappella Camp at the Arvada Center with Face Vocal Band (7/29/23)

  • A big part of putting together a live-performance of this nature is “hurry up and wait”. We/I appreciate your promptness, patience, understanding, and go-with-the-flow attitude throughout this experience!

  • On Saturday, July 29, please arrive at the Arvada Center at 4:30 PM and congregate in the plaza just outside the main entrance. We’ll come wrangle you soon thereafter, hopefully at/around 4:40.

    • Face A Cappella Camp "Face Cadets" must be accompanied by one adult who will enter the venue and then wait in the seats for the duration of soundcheck.​

  • Our soundcheck is scheduled for 5:00 and will go no later than 5:30. If we’re ahead of schedule, it may start earlier.

  • Spouses, guests, and children will not be allowed in the venue for soundcheck

    • One adult chaperone per Face A Cappella Camp participant is allowed

  • After soundcheck (at or before 5:30pm), you will be released from the venue, and then you will reenter with the rest of the audience when the venue opens to the public at 6:30 (though you do not have to enter at 6:30).

  • The opening band starts at 7:30 (it’s “The 6 Million Dollar Band", and they're a ton of fun!)

  • The Face portion will start around 8:00 / 8:15 PM.

  • At soundcheck, you will be shown where to meet at intermission to perform "Your Song" and "Separate Ways" at the beginning of the second set, likely around 9:00 PM.

    • Face Cadets will be invited on stage before "Separate Ways"​

  • Both songs will be performed memorized

  • Performance Attire:

    • CCCC: Your light blue CCCC shirt with jeans-pants (or capris for ladies) and comfortable shoes that aren't flip-flops.

    • Face A Cappella Camp: Your blue FaceCamp shirt with jeans-pants (or capris for ladies) and comfortable shoes that aren't flip-flops.

    • You do not have to wear your performance attire for soundcheck.

Thank you for participating in this experience! It's going to be AMAZING!!!!

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