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CCCC at the Rockies (7/28/23)

  • All performers must have a ticket to enter the ballpark. Discounted tickets can be purchased at

  • UPDATE: We will meet between gates A and B on the main concourse between 5:30 PM and 5:40 PM (early is okay), and depart into the stadium at 5:40 PM.  Please plan accordingly to have enough time to park and enter the ballpark (this will take longer than you think!)

    • Here is a Google Maps link to a spot outside the stadium close to our meeting spot (though be sure to go INSIDE the stadium).

    • (Also check the picture below).

  • Ballpark Gates A & E open at 4:40 PM and Ballpark Gates B, C, & D open at 5:10 PM.

  • Only performers and directors will be allowed to enter the preparation area. Guests and family must stay in the main part of the stadium where they will be met after the performance.

  • Each performer will receive a free Colorado Rockies t-shirt to wear for the performance. Please wear comfortable clothing of your choice on the bottom half of your bodies.

  • The anthem will be performed memorized.

  • Following the National Anthem, all performers will be escorted to the main concourse by Gate E.

Rockies Anthem Report Location.png
Know Before You Go Rockies.png
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